1. To develop, promote and protect the free trade of ICT / Telecommunication products and Information Technology (IT) products, technologies and services in Singapore. This encompasses persons, companies, organisations and societies engaged or having an interest in the ICT / Telecommunications industry;
  2. To promote and encourage better trade relationships, co-operation and sharing of knowledge and technology among Members;
  3. To provide a legitimate and competent representation to the Government, the ICT / Telecommunications Operators, Service Providers and the general public as well as to any national or international organisations and authorities in order to promote the growth of the ICT / Telecommunications industry and interests of it's members;
  4. To foster closer ties with other ICT / Telecommunication and Industry Associations, bodies throughout the world and wherever desirable, to affiliate or subscribe to membership thereof;
  5. To provide a meeting place or meeting places for it's Members and to bring together persons engaged or connected with the ICT / Telecommunications industry so that there may by co-operation and mutual exchange of ideas and views and advance the interest's of Members;
  6. To inform and continuously update Members on technological and commercial developments in the ICT / Telecommunications industry;
  7. To assist the appropriate agencies in Singapore on standards, specifications on products and rules and regulations on ICT / Telecommunications;
  8. To organise and support trade exhibitions, conferences and seminars relating to ICT / Telecommunications;
  9. To carry out such activities as may be delegated to the Association by any Governmental or Quasi-Governmental body, Statutory Board or any other authority and generally to do all such other lawful things as the Executive Council may consider necessary for the benefit of Members and industry at large.